Last updated: October 25th, 2016

Kacey is 13-years-old and had been out of school for some time before being placed with our carers in Essex.

Whilst waiting for a school place to become available, Affinity provided two sessions each week focusing on core educational subjects. When it was known that a school place had been offered, the last support session was a special one for both ourselves and Kacey, so we decided to make it a special one, a trip to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum before finishing our day at Harrods Department Store.

Kacey has never been to Central London or on the London Underground, even though she lives in the suburbs. When Kacey returned to her carers, they reported back to us that she’s spoken about this trip for days, even sharing the leaflets and documents she had gathered on the day with her carers.

Our Support Worker said it was a delight and a joy to provide these opportunities to this young person who was interested in everything and had many questions to ask while we walked around the Science Museum!

This is called “making a difference” and this is what Affinity are good at!