If you’re wondering what type of people are Foster Carers, here’s your chance to meet a few of them!

Do you know the best thing about Affinity Foster Carers? They’re more than just Foster Carers, they’re part of our big friendly team who really want to help foster children.

So we really hope that when you spend some time with one of our Foster Carers, there’s every chance you will have some great experiences and memories.

Here’s a selection of our Foster Carers


Lauren is a single Foster Carer who has cared for sibling groups and several babies since she started fostering. Lauren fostered 3 sisters, ages 2, 4, & 6, who were unable to live with their parents. Lauren really enjoyed fostering 'her girls' but knew it was right for them to have a permanent family. As they were unable to return home, Lauren helped the girls to get to know their new adoptive family and when the time was right, they moved in with them.

While in Lauren's care, the 3 girls were engaged in lots of activities outside and inside the home. The girls loved to cook and bake. They were encouraged in all sorts of arts and crafts. Lauren was always planning picnics and days out, making outings exciting and special. Additionally they were encouraged to attend nursery and School where they made excellent progress

Lauren would read with the girls and to the girls, and took an active part in all of their school work and projects.

Lauren missed the girls a lot, but was happy for them, that they are now settled with a new family.

Kirsty and Tommy

Kirsty and Tommy are experienced Foster Carers who have enjoyed caring for a whole range of children/young people. This includes children from 2 up to 17 years old.

Kirsty is an experienced Nanny and has an NNEB qualification. Tommy is very much a practical person, although Tommy works full time, he is very much a 'hands on' Foster Carer.

Kirsty and Tommy live on the seafront, with a beach just a few yards from the house. Kirsty and Tommy have no children of their own and devote themselves to caring for their foster children. They are currently caring for a little boy age 9, Daniel, on a permanent basis.

Daniel has a traumatic background , which meant it was hard for him to behave properly. He was excluded from school as he was not able to contain tantrums, which went on for hours when first placed with Kirsty and Tommy. They helped him to relax and to understand why he felt so angry and that they could help him.

Daniel is now settled and stable attending school and receiving achievement awards almost daily. It is hard to believe that he had been excluded from school previously.

Kirsty and Tommy have lots of room both in their house and in their hearts, to care for the most vulnerable young people. They really enjoy welcoming children into their home.

So who are children that are fostered?

There’s no two children we offer foster placements to, who are the same, and that’s because we know that all children and young people have their own unique identity. That’s great... we like individuality!

Fostered children are of all ages and come from all sorts of backgrounds. The looked after children we foster can stay with one of our Foster Carers for a variation of times.

Take a look at the types of foster children that we look after at Affinity Fostering, and see how foster care worked out for them.

And if you're welcoming a looked after child or young person into the family then here's a brief insight as to the type of people you could be meeting...

Read about some looked after children with Affinity

John 12, and his younger brother Billy 10, needed to be placed together with Foster carers.

John and Billy, fostered brothers. Foster care for siblings can help develop a foster family.

Although they have very differing personalities and abilities, they share a close bond. John has difficulty learning at school and a condition which causes him to overeat ..Billy is an active, sporty young person and an avid West Ham fan...

The boys were placed with Margaret, a single Foster Carer for Affinity Fostering. The plan at the time was that the boys would remain with Margaret on a short term basis until the Local Authority and Court made plans for their future.

Margaret accepted both boys, "as they are " and welcomed them into her home and family .

Margaret is helping John to keep his weight down. He now takes pride in his appearance and his confidence grows daily. He loves school and has many friends. John will need ongoing support throughout his adult life...

Billy has his own separate friends, he plays rugby for his school and wants to be a business man when he is older..The boys are to remain with Margaret now at least until they are 18 ..


Letitia 14, needed to be discharged from an adolescent mental health and placed with local Foster Carers (so she could still attend the unit as a day patient ).

Julie and Stephen, Foster Carers for Affinity Fostering, were asked to look after Letitia. Julie has experience of working with adults with learning difficulties, so has much patience and great listening skills- just what Letitia needed.

The Foster Carers were able to offer Letitia a safe, warm, nurturing family environment where slowly she was able to feel better. Letitia was gradually phased into a mainstream school with the help and support of Julie and Stephen. She is doing well at this school now.

After a year in Foster Care, Letitia wanted to live with her birth Father. Julie and Stephen worked with all parties to help Letitia achieve this . Letitia still visits her ex-Foster Carers from time to time.

Julie said, "Letitia has a great future ahead of herself now..She is creative and arty ..we are proud of her and so glad that we were part of a team in helping her to get better and plan for her future"..

Letitia said " I was scared about going into Foster Care, but it was like having another family. They helped me with school and with my dad. I go and see them sometimes, its like they are part of my family now.”


We hope this has helped you to understand that being in Foster Care can be okay, and that people are there to help you. Here are some leaflets that have some more information for you.

Download Younger Children Guide

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