A poem for caring people during lockdown

Published 21 May 2020

A poem for caring people during lockdown


There is a group of people just like you & me,
One thing they have in common they are Affinity,
There's Vicky, Greg & Andy there's Carole & Denise,
This group is rather special they're not just here to please.

They care about their business forget those 9 to 5's,
Working round the clock improving children's lives,
Sometimes it can be tough & not without a blip,
That's why Denise & Carole are here to steer this ship.

With Andy, Greg & Vicky it seems so many choices,
Or log on to the internet and get involved with 'voices',
Maybe take a trip let's hope no dreary showers,
We love the sun in August we're up at Alton Towers!

The senior social workers there's Johnson and there's Jo,
Working oh so hard they're always on the go,
Supporting lots of carers and caring all the while,
It makes them very happy to see those children smile.

All of this great work commendable & hearty,
Everyone together we're at the Christmas party
Exaggerating not or telling the odd fable,
It's Johnson jumping up..
He's dancing on the table!

So there I think you have it, let's praise these people loud,
Their dedication's plain to see of that they should be proud,
Remember all involved they're just like you & me,
These people once again?.. they're called Affinity.

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