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Fill your empty nest by becoming a foster carer.

Published 28 Dec 2022

Waving off your adult(ish) children when they leave home can bring up many different emotions. You may feel proud that they have been able to move out, whether to go to University or to a place of their own. You may also feel sad that they are leaving. 

Of course, there’s every chance you’ll feel slightly relieved that you won’t have to do their washing or make sure that the fridge is constantly stocked up! 

If any of these feelings sound familiar, you could be in the midst of empty nest syndrome.

Once your children have moved out, your house will likely seem quieter, with much less noise and comings and goings. All of this can be a significant change for you, especially after you have spent many years nurturing and guiding your children through their lives. Did you know these skills are the perfect prerequisites to becoming a foster carer?

Here at Affinity Fostering, we are always looking for experienced parents, those people who can offer children in need of a home a secure and safe environment at home. Becoming a foster carer can have a hugely positive impact on the life of a child or young person by helping them to achieve opportunities that they may not have previously had access to. By becoming a foster carer, you become someone that a child or young person can learn to trust – which is a truly rewarding experience.

Those who have waved off their adult children to their own lives are very familiar with caring for children and then letting go when they leave, which is a particularly useful skill if you decide to become a foster career. We don’t know how long placements will last – it could be weeks, months, or years. Flexibility and resilience are essential when it comes to being a foster carer. However, the end of the placement isn’t always a final goodbye, as many children in foster care decide to keep in contact with their foster families.

If you’re at the stage in your life where you now have a spare room at home, and you’re looking to bring of the hustle and bustle of family life back to your home, it may be worth thinking about becoming a foster carer.

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