Growing up

Published 15 Feb 2019

Nine year old G has written a fantastic short story for Coram Voice’s Creative Writing Competition. He’s given us his permission to post it and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Growing up
Growing Up by - G (Aged 9)

Part 1

In 2014 a boy named G was born. When he was in nursery he was happy. He always tried new foods and things. He always get rewards and is happy to be in school. In 2015 he moved to reception. He thought “I’m Growing Up” in reception G easily made friends. He laid eyes on the teacher. He focused but was shy of the teachers but kept moving in life. He didn't talk to kids while the teacher was talking. The he moved to Year 1 and thought - “I’m Growing Up”. He wasn't a bit chatty. The teachers were pretty. Learning was harder but G focused and concentrated. On the last day, the class got to hold baby chickens.

Part 2

Then he moved to Year 2. He had to solve hard Math questions. He focused and thought “I’ve moved to Year 2” I must be really growing up now! G didn't cheat by using his Math helper card. Some kids tried to distract him and make him laugh. But now G was a big boy he just ignored them. The teacher was happy with him and gave him at least ‘5’ home points. One day, G was sent to the office. On the last day, G got IT rewards. The G moved to Year 3. He thought again “I’m Growing Up, so are my friends”. With a cry. But the teacher helped him and G became bold. For his studies, he studied for 9 hours. On the last day G hugged the teacher and cried “I’m Growing Up, Don’t Cry” and cried even more. “Be Bold!” the teachers said. And he miserably moved to Year 4. 

Part 3

All the teachers helped him and gave him support. He chatted 91% and was good at Maths and Literacy. G would half cheat by using his card. When they had hard maths questions, G would say “Focus!”. He could do spelling tests. Eventually, he moved to Year 5. It was a very hard class and he talked a lot. But, G was smart and said—”I’m not going for help”. When the teacher saw G she gave him a McDonalds sticker! After two years of Year 5, he moved to the final boss class Year 6. As his feet walked off the red carpet, G cried “I love my class from 1- 6. G got to go round the school hugging the teachers. They did a test. G cried because he was stuck.

Part 4

Eventually, G moved to college and after college he went to university to study acting. Then, G got married and had kids. He said “My life had been astonishing as a kid!” and showed the kids round the school had hugs and kisses went home and enjoyed the new life.

The End.

Based on an inspirational story.

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