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Hug Buttons

Published 25 Nov 2019

You may have seen on social media recently that ‘hug buttons’ have been helping children with their anxieties and separation from parents and carers.


Hug Buttons

This idea has been found to be particularly helpful with children going back to school. 

Our very own foster carer M has used this method with R starting reception: 

“This September R was due to start primary school and having missed a lot of nursery pre-placement, she was naturally uncertain. 

Despite lots of reassurance, she was very apprehensive at bedtime so we talked about the magical hug button. 

I promised to draw a heart on my hand and a matching heart on her hand and then we hold hands walking into school and it charges the hug button for the whole day. If she was scared or not sure she could press the hug button and it would send her a hug from me and mine worked the same way too! 

This worked amazingly well and soon had a very happy little girl settled in class .. would recommend this to everyone ... “ 

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