Qualifying Care Relief (QCR) increase 2023

Published 24 Mar 2023

Foster carers play an incredibly important role in providing loving homes for vulnerable children and young people. That’s why it’s so important that foster carers are given the recognition and financial support they need to do their job.


The government has recently announced an increase in Qualifying Care Relief (QCR) which will give foster carers more financial support than ever before. QCR is a tax relief designed to help foster carers meet the costs of looking after a child or young person. It’s available to both private and local authority foster carers and can be claimed for up to four children or young people at a time.


The increase in QCR means that foster carers can now get up to £18,140 per year in tax relief. This is a significant increase from the previous rate of £10,000, and it’s a great indication of the government’s commitment to supporting foster carers. The increase in QCR is just one of the ways the government is showing its support for foster carers. 


These measures come at an important time for foster carers, who are facing an ever-increasing demand for their services. With more financial support and better training, foster carers can feel more secure in their profession and be better equipped to provide a safe and loving home for vulnerable children and young people.



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