Stand Out Sites this week - Week starting 15th June 2020

Published 18 Jun 2020

Art for Kids Hub YouTube channel  

Art hub for kids

With nearly 3 million subscribers, Art for Kids Hub is an American family YouTube channel, in which lots of cool art lessons take place, from learning to draw cartoon trees and tulips to animation characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. 

New videos are uploaded on Mondays and Fridays, and you could end up with some really cool artwork to show off in no time! 


Money Saving Expert’s Deal Hunters Free ways to learn something new from home 


The Deal Hunter’s on Martin Lewis’s site goal is to trawl the internet to find special things, deals or things worth passing on. On their latest blog, the Deal Hunters have found over 10 different free ways to learn something new from home. From learning languages, guitar lessons and Open University Courses go learning to draw over 40 Disney characters from the Disney animators themselves, mapping the night sky with a free app to free coding programmes for 12-17 year olds, there’s something here for the whole family. 


Minecraft Education Lumen City Challenge 

Minecraft & Lumen City Challenge

Inspired for Earth Day in April this year, Minecraft Education’s Lumen City Challenge are available to existing Minecraft: Education Edition Users and Minecraft Bedrock players and immerses students into Lumen city where they are responsible for selecting energy resources as they manage cost, revenue, pollution, and the happiness of their citizens. As students try to build their ideal city, they learn valuable lessons about what constitutes renewable and non-renewable energy, the challenges of energy storage, and the delicate balance between cost, power output, and pollution. Through this project, learners will come to understand the effects of energy sources on the world around them and build a deeper appreciation for the difficulty of managing our cities and towns.




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