Staying Entertained in Isolation!

Published 21 Mar 2020

With the isolation and school closures looming in the future the question turns to how do we keep young people entertained?

While there are the obvious options of YouTube and other video streaming services, it’s also worth considering other activities that keep noses away from phones and tablets. We asked around the Affinity Fostering family for some ideas to keep everyone entertained.

Staying Entertained in Isolation!


Card games.

Some of our favourite fast paced card games which work for a broad spectrum of ages include:

There are also lots of games that can be played with a regular set of playing cards, which can be competitive and fun. Learning a new card game every day could become a family challenge. Playing Card Decks has a list of over 40 family friendly card games.


Board Games and other games are always popular, but if you are not up for a marathon game of Monopoly or Risk, it might be worth giving some of these (all tried and tested) a go.

If you want to incorporate some learning into your play there are some excellent history and geography-based board games out there. Our favourites are:

  • About Time (all about guessing historical events)
  • Where is Moldova? (European geography and General Knowledge)
  • Where in the World? (a game about world geography and landmarks)


Baking and cooking can also be really fun activities. Having a family bake off could also give a sense of purpose beyond just feeding yourselves.


If you have access to a garden now is the perfect time to start planting vegetables and creating a vegetable patch. Aside from growing food for the table, being outside in the garden can reduce the likelihood of cabin fever setting in. 

Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are two interactive games that can be played on phones and tablets. The developers have made amendments to the gameplay so players can continue to play even if they are confined to their homes and gardens.

For the Minecrafters in the family there’s Minecraft Coding, which teaches how to code at the same time as playing.  There’s also an unexpectedly addictive touch typing game, which not only provides a life skill, but is also quite competitive (be aware, you may get lost in a touch typing rabbit hole).

Finally, to keep them active, Joe Wicks is providing free daily PE lessons from 23rd March. They are fun and suitable for all ages and stream at 9.00 every day on his YouTube channel.  Bear Grylls, Tim Peaks and the Scouts have worked together to bring you The Great Indoors!


We will be sharing share other hints, tips and activities that we discover, we are happy to share any you may have discovered, so feel free to contact us on social media

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