We’re all different

Published 12 Jun 2019

We’re all different

There’s a song by Groove Armada that starts with the lines “If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other.” It’s true. What makes us fascinating and interesting is how diverse we are. No family is the same and, while we can have similar backgrounds to each other, no set of experiences is the same either.

That’s why Affinity Fostering pride ourselves in recruiting a diverse team of foster carers and foster families. The children in our care come from a wide range of backgrounds and matching them to the right placement family is vital in ensuring that their time in our care is successful and nurturing. 

Our foster carers come from a wide range of different backgrounds and career paths. From our single male foster carer (if you haven’t read his blogs yet you really should) to same sex couples, we feel that it’s vital to embrace as many sections of society and cultures as possible. It shouldn’t matter if someone’s background is a high flyer in the city or teaching assistant, whether they have had children, have children or their kids have flown the nest, all that is important is that the young people we look after have a safe and loving place to call home. 

Plus, if we all had the same backgrounds our social events would be tremendously boring (they aren’t, take a look here).


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