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When the perfect placement provides a positive future

Published 15 Feb 2022

As a fostering agency, there is always one certainty that we can rely on, the children and young people who come to us are coming from a difficult place. There will always be some loss; whether that is a loss of a home, a loss of family, or a loss of childhood, there will be something profound that has been left behind. Our job is to soothe that feeling, soften the hole that the child or young person will be living with, and create positivity that can help them build a better future.


One of the key points of running a fostering agency is that it isn’t just about putting a roof over the head of a child or young person in need. It’s about providing support and creating a safe and caring environment where that child or young person can grow and flourish. Every step of our placement process is based on ensuring that the children in our care receive the opportunity to become the best people they can be. From picking out the ideal placement for them, to regularly training and supporting our foster carers, to designing activities and events that everyone in the Affinity family can enjoy, our mantra is always “making children feel awesome”. A fostering experience should ultimately attempt to create positive memories. As Ofsted stated so well, “Affinity’s practice is innovative and child-centred. The children are at the heart of all decision-making.”


So, it’s always great when we get feedback about the progress that a child or young person has made during their time in our care. We recently received a fantastic letter that showed how much our carers can make a difference. As we’ve already said, there’s never a joyous reason that a child or young person finds themselves with us, but an excellent placement can make all the difference. An observation of the care Affinity provided for one of our looked after children included, “the foster placement has been fantastic and provides hope of a positive outcome for X”. "By building a positive and supportive relationship, Affinity’s foster carers were able to offer X the positive future that they deserved after a really difficult time in their life."


And that’s why we do what we do, because nothing feels better than giving someone the opportunity to reach Affinity and beyond!


If you have a spare room and would like to give a child or young person the opportunity to reach their full potential, we’d love to hear from you.

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