Dream Big, Plan Hard, Do!

Published 16 Aug 2022

Did you know that Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela have both been in foster care at different times in their childhoods? The list of people that have made a significant mark on the world that were once in foster care is not particularly short.  Obviously, the two I have listed are extremely well-known individuals, one going to found Apple, which is now worth over $3 Trillion! and the other an anti-apartheid activist who dedicated his life to fighting for civil rights for black South Africans.  There are many, many more people who have gone on to live happy and fulfilling lives that were once in foster care.

For some readers, the summer was one of GCSE and A-Level results, hopefully with celebrations and the inevitability that means decisions about the future will be discussed and made. Will you go to college, uni or get an apprenticeship? These are just a few of the options that are available to you. 

When you are thinking about your future and making plans, please remember that whilst your past experiences can definitely help form you as a person, they do not have to define you!

We are all different, and our challenges are unique to us, so when you are passing a milestone (big or small) take the time to recognise it and celebrate!  What you consider a milestone or an achievement will always be different to another person’s, but they are all worth celebrating, whether they are educational, personal, financial or health-related. While many of us will never reach the dizzying financial and technical successes of Steve Jobs, this is your reminder to Dream Big, Plan Hard and Do! And celebrate each and every success!


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