School’s out for summer!

Published 25 Jul 2023

You’ve probably been waiting all year for this. Now, finally the 6 weeks of summer stretch ahead of you. But summer can also be a bit tricky as you lose the routine that school brings and the opportunity to see your mates every day.

Here’s our guide to surviving the summer (in case any of you get bored!)

Take some time to relax and enjoy the break from routine

It’s important to take some time to rest. The end of the summer term can be pretty full on and it marks the end of a long year of study. Spend some time in the first couple of weeks to ease yourself into the summer, doing things you enjoy like reading, listening to music, doing sports, doing arts and crafts. These sorts of activities will help to relax you and start the summer off on a chilled vibe.

Make time for friends

Obviously Snapchat makes it easier to keep in touch with your friends but nothing really replaces getting out and seeing each other face to face. Friends can be hard to organise though! Maybe ask your foster carer to organise some activities that you can invite friends to and get that all-important social fix!

Keep busy if you’re bored!

Though it’s hard to believe when you’ve been waiting all year for the summer, it can get a bit boring. If you find yourself a bit restless, see if there are any jobs you can help with around the house or garden (you never know there may even be some money in it!). If you are old enough you could also ask your foster carer to help you find a summer job in a shop or café, picking fruit or babysitting. It’s always good to earn some money that you can spend on enjoying your free time.


Keep a journal

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be going away on holiday or have planned some fun activities. Summer memories are always the ones that shine brightest. Keeping a journal is a lovely way to keep a record of the summer. You can collect things from the places you go and print off some photos too. Journals are precious things to have and look back on when you’re a bit older.

Take up cooking

6 weeks is plenty of time to learn how to cook or bake. If you’re travelling, you can get food inspiration from the places you visit and try to recreate the dishes so that you can bring a bit of your holiday into the home whenever you like. There are loads of hints, tips and recipes on TikTok, Youtube or even on TV. Cooking is an important life skill but it’s also fun and a really great way to relax. Let your creativity flow!

Last but not least…

Enjoy your summer!!!

And don’t forget, Affinity are offering you a Pot of Gold this summer. You can spend up to £120 on an activity of your choice. Just ask your foster carer or Affinity Supervising Social Worker for more details.

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